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Sportstudio Ghent

Move² offers personal coaching and training to both beginners and advanced athletes. Because of our wide experience in triathlon and multisport the focus lies on swimming, cycling and running. But Move² also offers general condition training and core-stability training. 

Our services are structured into 3 categories:

    • Individual training sessions
    • Tailor-made training schedules with professional advice
    • Swimming lessons or training in our private sports studio in Ghent

We also offer regular group sessions and sports courses abroad. In this way, you can get to know like-minded sportspeople in a friendly atmosphere.

Click on the categories below for more information on prices and booking!

For swimming lessons for children the agenda is currently fully booked, please contact us by mail for an appointment



Marieke running with dog

Barefoot Training &
Personal Training

Training sessions for Barefoot Running, Core-Stability, Fitness Training or Cycling and Running Techniques

Trainingpeaks schedule

Training schedules

Tailor-made training schedules with online or personal guidance

Endless pool

Swim @
Sportstudio Ghent

Individual swimming training or lessons or come and train independently in our Elite Endless Pool @ Sportstudio Gent

About Move²

Move² - Sportstudio Gent

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard!

Combining a full-time job with family and a healthy/sporting lifestyle is often a big challenge in itself! We can sometimes envy the achievements of top athletes but, in doing so, often forget how strong our own performance is! Juggling to maximise the schedule and balance sport, with family and work..

Often with results that are certainly not inferior to those of top athletes! Not only top athletes deserve solid guidance, guidance tailored to your goals and schedule makes a huge difference and leaves more time for what really matters! At Move², we believe that everyone who throws themselves fully into their challenges deserves as much of our expertise, attention, and respect! Whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete, we are 200% committed to helping you and pushing boundaries. With respect for choices made, family and work. We also believe in continuous training and experience in different sports disciplines as a coach. It remains a continuous growth and learning process, not only for you!

In our studio we don't just offer tailor-made guidance, with an elite endless pool, treadmill and wahoo kickr core, we have a very nice base in terms of training equipment at 1 location. A triathlon indoor / at speed and on a course of your choice is no problem at all. In addition, we also have everything in-house to perfectly guide core, barefoot training and strength training and we have the perfect environment around the studio for training in nature or along safe cycle paths. All equipment is available for video analysis running / swimming and technique training in all disciplines. Ready to work hard? In any case, we are!